Weight Loss Equipment

swimming tools

Weight Loss Equipment is not only about what you can buy from Bodybuilding.com or others sports supplements and wear store, but for me, the equipment also consists in the gadgets and measurement tools used.


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Measurement tools:

  • Weight Karada Scan proved to be a versatile scale and does the body fat % math instead of me. This is a body composition monitor (fancy scale)
  • Centimeter Body measurement – for lazy people like me that want to do a fast measurement and not have a headache with loosing where the meter was

Swimming tools:

  • Briefs – I tend to use Arena for this. No specific reason why, when I shopped for them, these were the only ones that fit
  • Cap – I had this since several years back, again this is again Arena
  • Glasses – I have 2 pairs, been having some issues with one of them after the first 30-40 min of swimming. For glasses, all the ones i have are from Speedo.
  • Watch Garmin smart-watch, the only one my wife found as 100% intended for swimming. This was a present
  • Towel – I am not able to spell the firm, but this was again, a present from the misses. Specific swimming towel, really makes a difference compares to standard ones (it sticks well to the body)

Weight lifting

Weight Loss tools
  • Dumbbells – I use 2 x 10 Kg
  • Knee Strap – I am fat and my knees hurt 🙁
  • My routine