My weight loss approach

From a weight loss perspective, I am following my 3 commandments as my weight loss approach. Here things are simpler compared to the passive income stream. The key is to keep the discipline and to stick to them.

These aspects are following my life and my situation. I am the only one to blame for putting on over 30 Kg without any control or without doing something about it when there were only 5 Kg extra. The aim is simple, follow these rules and achieve my weight loss goals.

1. Weight loss is not a diet or a specific exercise program. It is a routine. 

My opinion is that there is no miracle diet or specific exercise program. They all say that a specific approach does not fit anyone. My view is simpler than that: it is all about you lifestyle and the choices you make. If you do not change anything in the existing routing, then from where do you expect the change to happen? 

Please think at this as I do, the change required is not for a period of time, it is for the whole duration of time when you want to have those results.

Example: The easiest way for me is to look at myself. I am over 130 Kg with a body fat of 44% when I am writing this. Although I do not eat a lot, I do not exercise (by exercise I refer to a prolonged walk) more than 1 hour a week (at best). I cannot expect to lose weight with this approach. I should at least exercise 30 min a day or 3 hours and a half per week. After this has become the routine, then I can start introducing new elements.

Hint: If you can’t start big, then start by making baby steps. The key is for each element to become a routine.

2. Once you reach your goal, keep the routine.

This one is simple: once you reached your goal do not change the routine. Keep doing what you are doing if you want to remain at this stage or with these results.

Example: Look at any athlete. They keep to their training to keep consistency, they change only when they need to improve, but never step away from the basic routine.

Hint: You should never forget, once you change the routine you should expect different results.

3. In case of set backs or issues, do not forget to act immediately.

This is the biggest mistake I made and the most important part of my weight loss approach. I did not act once I was 5 Kg over my standard weight. Now at 30 Kg it is harder to act and to reshape a new routine from scratch. I should have kept the one that had me at the weight I was happy with. The key here is to act immediately if you faced a set back and do not let it accumulate or increase over time.

Example: Looking at myself, if I would have acted 3 years ago when I had 5 Kg extra versus my desired weight, then this blog would not exist.

Hint: Do not waste time, act as soon as you spot the issue or set back.