Everything should have a beginning

everything should have a beginning

On this December day, I have finally decided to start looking further than a few months ahead and start prepping for a wealthier and healthier decade to come. This is why I have created this blog to track my passive income and weight loss goals.

As everything should have a beginning, I will use today as day 1:

  • Weight Stats: 133 Kg, 40.1 BMI, 44.1% Body Fat and 20 visceral fat
  • Savings, Investments & Passive income: 50,000 EUR savings; 0 Investments; 0 Passive Income
My aim for the upcoming months will be simple and in order to achieve it I will define my passive income approach and my weight loss approach:
  • steady weight loss without specific diet or calorie count, but via discipline and normal exercise
  • create an investment portfolio in real-estate, online lending, investing in stocks & bonds, donations, blog ads and referral services
Before ending this 1st post, please note that:
  • I am unsure if i have the support of the misses for this blog 🙂
  • from a wealth and health perspective I will show transparency on the diet, exercise, investments, taxes on investments and current assets & liabilities. The list ends here
  • first I need to prove I can stick to some simple goals and then enhance them further:
  • I will not refer you to something that I did not use or checked out myself as tracked here

If you found this 1st Blog post I thank you for your support and sincerely hope that my passive income and weight loss goals will help you out in your own journey.