Switching to Boglehead non-US portfolio

Switching to Boglehead non-US portfolio

It has been a while since I wrote about my little bothers pension portfolio. After I convinced him to put away 15% of his income for this pension, it is now time for me to slightly optimize his portfolio to a Boglehead non-US one.

Current, there is not a lot in the portfolio, approximately 1.9k EUR that I want to split as 60-40, but with a 100% focus in stocks, instead of the usual Boglehead split. My brother is 24 years old, so there is still a lot to go on, let’s say 41 years until his retirement, thus the risk of a 100% stock portfolio at this age is low today.

What matters is that the following rules are followed:

  • Accumulating
  • Index funds
  • Passively managed
  • Low cost
  • Diversified
  • Simple

This is why, from the current configuration of his portfolio:

Symbol Value EUR %
MEUD 334 17.04
ROBE 395 20.15
SXR1 273 13.93
XCS6 393 20.05
Cash 565 28.83

I am changing it to something like the one below and aiming to adjust it to these percentages as the year 2021 moves forward on a quarterly basis.

Symbol %
XCS6 10

Looking at this and moving further, I hope I make the best decision for my little brother and if you are asking me why he is not the one making it, then, really I do not know why. He is young and not interested in the financial aspects, but I am trying to push him to at least be safe when he retires as we cannot trust our government to provide for us, even though we pay 25% of our income to the national pension fund while we only get 25% of what we paid back at retirement…