Mintos EU review Interactive Brokers

This area of the site covers my passive income tool reviews for P2P lending and online brokers. All these reviews are based on my personal experience and my own opinion regarding of them as financial instruments used in achieving my goals

For now, I am using the below services provided over the internet from a country within the European Union. If you are from U.S.A. then you might have different options on hand. I cannot review those as I do not have a social security number and cannot register on those online passive income platforms.

All my reviews will follow the below main structure and will suffer yearly updates.

  1. Short description
  2. Registration
  3. Fund transfer
  4. How the system behaves
  5. My setup of the system
  6. Reports
  7. Fund withdrawal
  8. Profit & Loss
  9. Conclusion

Edit on Dec 2019: On top of the above, I will add 1 yr, 3yr and 5 yr updates for each of my reviews that I will track and highlight via the text: Later Edit so that I can show how my portfolio has evolved and how it is linked to that specific provider for which I did the review.