Portfolio Quarterly earnings report quarter 1 2021

Portfolio Quarterly earnings report quarter 1 2021

This is my sixth Quarterly report. You can check out my previous quarter report and I hope you enjoy my current Portfolio Quarterly earnings report quarter 1 2021.

The idea of this post is to show my active and passive income streams and highlight the profit and loss statement, the investments done and the returns. In parallel to this, I will mention the challenges faced and the decisions I took to overcome them.

If you are reading an older post, but want to check my progress towards my goals, then you can check my passive income goals or just check out my quarterly updated portfolio. If you are interested in the passive income article, just click passive income in the menu.

Active Income

Consulting Firm – My consulting services

As you may know from my previous report, the revenue and scope of my business is not something that I am currently comfortable to disclose. This is still my bread and butter (>90%) of revenue and I must respect my customers and my company’s confidentiality.

The main update on this is that now I officially have a 40% decrease in my income as the contract with my second client is done. The aim now is to increase my bill to the new customer and to cut costs as much as I can. Sincerely, I am struggling to actually cut the costs and still aiming to find better ways to reduce my fixed costs on a monthly basis while further reducing down the mortgage.

On this area, I had some extra costs this quarter reduces SEO and domain costs with a total expense of 306 EUR for the last 3 months. This is ~188 EUR more than the prior quarter due to some performance improvements and some ads and tweaks. I will continue with minimal business promotion and improvements as they did not generate a worthy return. I will try some more SEO next quarter, but once that is done, I hope that I will find some more time to put into my YouTube channel. It looks like all my articles that have associated You Tube videos improve my consulting firm blog SEO where I had 3740 clicks (+10% compared to last quarter) and 8200 sessions (+90%).

 software sitesoftware site

As for my eBook sales, I managed to sell some more copies with total sales of 64 EUR which represent a 100% sales increase:

book sales

From the total of:

book sales

Personal Blog

I have the first revenue for this blog. It is a link exchange with a total value of 91 EUR. Finally this is not only a cost generator. I am still keeping this blog separate from my main business one and as I do not have a proper reader base for now (32 subscribers, a +5 increase from last quarter). I did not expect to gain revenue from the blog, but I hope to start increasing the number of readers during the next months.

By the way, I stopped posting progress on the weight loss as I did not do anything relevant there. I need to shape up and start fixing that soon.

The total cost for the blog was of 0 EUR for this quarter and I intend to keep it close to this figure. I had 144 clicks and 1300 sessions (10% increase). Extremely small for a blog.

personal goals personal goals

This means that I am currently at a loss of 151 EUR with my company’s website and personal blog for this quarter. All I can say is that my domains are paid for, I am switching to monthly payments for the hosting and that my SEO is gradually slowing down for both.

image with money before passive income

Passive Income

Paying off Debt

As you remember from my active and passive income streams, I consider paying off debt a good part of my passive income. Why? Simple – reducing the amount paid in loans increases the amount invested.

There was no further prepayment on the mortgage this quarter, but the money is there and waiting. Due to the pandemic, we decided to play it safe and further wait with prepayment on the mortgage until things are a little bit more stable.

The only change here is that we are preparing a 20,000 EUR down payment for 2021 and we might be extending our yard, which will incur a cost of ~25,000 EUR on top.

Stock and ETF investments

The core of my passive income is my investing. This is the area towards which I want to allocate most of my savings and go long. My strategy is buy and hold and this is why I flag this under my passive income stream. During this quarter I sold few stocks and replaced my NASDAQ dividend stock with an accumulating one. I am logging all my exited stocks in my portfolio. The market is now up, sincerely, more than I expected and I have a total profit of 5779 EUR since last quarter on stocks and ETFs.

As for Etergo, the law suit is till work in progress and I have no idea if I can recover part of the 4167 EUR loss that I have there. Maybe something will happen, but I do not expect it.

Venture Capital investments

No change versus previous quarter

Platform Company Shares Paid Sold PnL
Crowdcube Carwow 464 1650 0 0
Etergo Etergo 13350 4405 226 -4179
Total 6055 226 -4179

Single Stocks and ETFs

All the latest updates are in my portfolio and you can see it there. Main difference between last quarters is a profit of 5779 EUR. This quarter list is below:

New exits versus previous quarter

Asset Category Symbol Realized PnL
Stocks CGG 30
Stocks EQQQ 1315

Unrealized profit and loss

Asset Category Currency Symbol Quantity Cost Basis Value Unrealized P/L
Stocks AUD DRO 8000 886 1240 354
Total in EUR 573 802 229


Asset Category Currency Symbol Quantity Cost Basis Value Unrealized P/L
Stocks CAD FCU 1400 389 728 339
Stocks CAD GCM 42 186 226 40
Stocks CAD NCU 5000 852 875 22
Stocks CAD PVG 21 190 273 83
Stocks CAD SCOT 2500 754 475 -278
Total in EUR 1564 1749 140


Asset Category Currency Symbol Quantity Cost Basis Value Unrealized P/L
Stocks HKD 2343 4000 4783 8400 3616
Total in EUR 515 921 396


Asset Category Currency Symbol Quantity Cost Basis Value Unrealized P/L
Stocks USD AAPL 40 1779 4886 3106
Stocks USD EXK 500 1953 2480 526
Stocks USD HL 200 1157 1138 -19
Stocks USD HLX 500 1636 2525 889
Stocks USD RADA 250 1048 3002 1954
Stocks USD SAND 300 1950 2040 90
Stocks USD URG 550 278 605 326
Stocks USD UUUU 240 360 1363 1003
Total in EUR 8488 15378 6715


Asset Category Currency Symbol Quantity Cost Basis Value Unrealized P/L
Stocks EUR 36BZ 1250 7101 6437 -663
Stocks EUR BCHN 20 1454 2178 724
Stocks EUR BRYN 40 7608 8756 1147
Stocks EUR CNDX 12 614 7568 200
Stocks EUR ESP0 50 1832 1770 -61
Stocks EUR GLUG 150 1639 1856 217
Stocks EUR HEAL 225 1960 1866 -93
Stocks EUR INRG 120 1393 2350 87
Stocks EUR IS0C 50 1745 1951 206
Stocks EUR ISPY 90 1811 1765 -45
Stocks EUR LOCK 325 1905 1952 47
Stocks EUR SXRS 500 1823 2220 397
Stocks EUR TNOW 10 3148 8294 1437
Stocks EUR UNIC 500 7669 6780 -889
Stocks EUR WCLD 40 1847 1615 -231
Total in EUR 45935 57364 2481

P2P Lending

I am still keeping my previous point that during the COVID-19 pandemic the P2P lending is not the best way to go. I have noticed that governments tend to lower interest rates and try to boost the economy, thus this may not be the best for the next ~2 years. Due to this, I am currently holding any investments into P2P until late 2021. I want to see how things move through the winter for my existing investments in Mintos and Crowdestate.

I am still waiting for the bankruptcy investment that I have with Crowdestate as the proceedings were delayed several times. Looking forward to see how this ends up and hoping that I will recover the 1776 EUR still stuck there.

The below are the overall statistics, but when comparing to the previous quarter, this one I made 31 EUR. Please keep in mind that this is after I pulled out of P2P lending.

Crypto currency

This is a new addition to the list. I do not have a lot of experience with crypto, but I bought Stellar and Elrond. All that I can say, is that so far so good 🙂

Coin Currency Symbol Quantity Cost Basis Value Unrealized P/L
Stellar EUR XLM 1500 374 577 203
Elrond EUR eGLD 61 1647 9150 7503
Total in EUR 2021 9727 7706

before affiliate

Affiliate marketing

At this point in time I do not have the actual time, nor the willingness to invest a lot in affiliate marketing. The only improvements I have done here was to add some banners on the side bar for P2P lending, Hosting and Fiverr. You can check them out or you can just go to my Resources page to see all the items for which I am an affiliate.

YouTube videos

Last, but not least is YouTube. I have already hinted to this in a previous chapter, but I am happy to say that I have a total of 109 (+2 since last quarter) subscribers and 228 public hours of videos.


Stagnating on my cats Instagram page, but if you love cats and want to check them out, just go to Amazing5Cats or just check out the image at the end of the post.


In order to conclude my Passive Income Portfolio Quarterly earnings report for Q4 2020, I have listed below the overall profit and loss across all mentioned segments.

Company 0 1846
Blog 91 187
VC 0 4179
Stocks/ETFs 19548 0
P2P Lending 1987 0
eBook 136 0
Crypto 7705 0
Affiliate 0 0
YouTube 0 0
  29467 -6212
Bottom Line 23255