Pissed off that I missed out on Bitcoin… eGLD?

Bitcoin or eGLD

I remember the day when I wanted to buy one bitcoin. I looked at the price on Revolut (lazy ass, I know) and then I said to myself: “Ohh, it is over 5 k. I wanted to buy it under, I will skip it for now”. Now it is about one year and a half later, I regret that I missed a 10x return on investment (from 6k to 60k) because of my greed for the desire to buy under 5k. This is why, now I look at eGLD.


The only reason I bought this coin was because I am a Romanian and liked the idea to buy a local coin. In this article I will tell you my Elrond journey as I wanted to use a buy and forget approach. I forgot the day, but it was before eGOLD, it was a day when the coin was called Elrond. I bought 66000 and tried to delegate 16000 to their early delegation process by sending it to 0x4B48b44193D81DA48523aad87EAAf1e1958C1E5a. Guess what happened? I think I will let this video explain it to you:

After talking to their support team (initially no answer, they started to answer only after Elrond transitioned to eGLD) and they explained to me that: Thanks for reaching out, unfortunately, your tokens were transferred directly to the contract, not through the wizard available on the website. Those funds are trapped in the contract and there is nothing we can do to get them out so sadly, they are lost. All I can say is that I am happy that I did not transfer the whole lot.

This left me with 50000 Elrond that I converted to 50 eGLD with their reorganization of the coin and was amazed how it went to 200 USDT on Binance. When it went back down to around 110 USDT I bought some more and now I am holding around 61 eGLD (still 5 under my initial purchase) at the price of 2000 EUR, but they are now values around 8000 EUR.

It is time to wait it out and see if this bet becomes something more than a simple bet in 5 or 10 years from now Spotify promotion. I am not even sure if I should list this under my portfolio as I am not a crypto person, but time will tell. Until then, I will post again in 1-2 years to let you know how it turned out in case you do not hear about eGLD on TV by then.