One year of P2P lending

One year of P2P lending

One year has passed since I started investing via the peer to peer lending platforms Crowdestate and Mintos. I can easily say that I had a god One year of P2P lending and that my blended % annual return (before tax) is at around 10.86%.

Platform Invested Returned Annual %
Mintos 8000 989 12.36%
Crowdestate 7040 645 9.16%

Please note that the above figures are for the month of December 2019 and they are not the actual figures from the platform extracts, but my math on top of the amount invested and current amount with each of the two peer to peer lending platforms.

Looking back, I am happy with my decision to move forward with these two, especially because most of the investments I have with them went well, but also because I noticed that they react when things do not go their way. For example: Mintos had issues with one of the credit providers IuteCredit. Their license was revoked in Kosovo and they worker well in order to manage the situation and reduce the impact upon investors. In the case of Crowdestate, there was an issue with one of their borrowers, that transferred the assets used as a guarantee and then declared bankruptcy.  The team at Crowdestate has taken legal action and I am curious to see how this will end up.

I am currently not measuring, nor storing in detail my month on month revenue from these platforms, as this is not my goal. I am pursuing long term investments and re-investing everything I have on both these peer to peer lending platforms. I do not intend to increase my investment with them at this point, but I am looking to further move into equity investment during 2020. I would not state that the returns are better (although my equity portfolio has a 21% return between May to December), but I do not know how the peer to peer lending community will react in case of a crises or in case of a bearish market.

Truthfully, there is not much to say for now, I am looking forward to post my quarterly return later on in Jan 2020 so that I can see, but also share with you my quarterly investment update and impact of these investments in my portfolio.

For more details, check out my Crowdestate Review or my Mintos Review so that you can see the newly added chapter summing up my one year of P2P lending experience with each of them.