May 19 Portfolio update

May 19 portfolio update

This is my May 19 Portfolio update – my first portfolio update – and shows my split between emergency fund, mortgage and investments. I will keep updating you as time passes by and you will always be able to check my portfolio out.

It is already May and my 4 month deposits have reached maturity. the 51,000 EURO I had, have brought me a profit of ~400 EUR, but looking at how the market went, I could of done better by only changing from local currency to EURO 4 month ago 🙁 .

But no need to dwell in the past and it is time to look at the future. The previous month was not that good for my normal income as I had to take a break in April and did not generate any active income in that month. On top of this, we also had some medical bills that have slowed down our saving rate.

This is why, our deposits took a hit and from 51,000 to 35,000 and I decided to keep them in a normal bank account, but in EUR instead of local currency. This is now called my emergency fund and updated in my portfolio.

Besides this, we decided to create a 20,000 opportunity fund (money set aside for opportunity investments). This one currently has 0 EUR in it as we have to replenish the used funds.

I forgot to mention that 10,000 EUR was used as an advance payment for our mortgage. This would be our 3rd advance payment, summing up to a total of 40,000 paid in advance. This time we decided to reduce the duration instead of the monthly rate. In the long run this is more profitable, but you can read the whole story in my prepayment on the mortgage post..

Although some people count their mortgage as an investment and/or liability, I prefer to keep it separate. I will list my advance payments to justify where some funds went and it is a personal decision to invest 50-75% percent of the savings and use the remaining 25 to 50% of them for mortgage payments (once or twice a year).

Before I end this chapter, and even though my investments will be in ETFs via a broker like Lynx or Interactive Brokers, I decided to invest up to 4,000 EUR in Etergo during a crowd funding campaign. I am well aware that this is a venture capital investment and that this may not be accessible and will not produce any revenue for a while (5+ years). This is based on a feeling of confidence after I reviewed their material and business case, but as I said: feeling and not a non-emotional decision.

I am happy to see that you are interested in what I am doing and hopefully this will inspire you to start investing on your own after you do your due diligence on this matter. To see how I am doing on a month by month basis you can also check my monthly stats or my regular portfolio or not so regular financial goals updates.