Blogging takes time


It is already January and I could only say that blogging takes time. I spend a lot on switching hosting from to (similar service, but more liberty for lower cost). This was followed by picking a theme, aligning it to look OK on PC and mobile. Yes, blogging takes time. For me, this is not enough to confirm it looks OK also for a tablet.

On this date, only the weight loss part of the site is done. I only have to continue the passive income one. Here I have a review mid-way, but only approach page created, no statistics or goals updated yet.

Today, I also decided to create s specific category where I write about the blog, how I manage it and it’s journey. I saw some posts while randomly browsing the internet with blogs that made a lot of income, but none of them had a log, nor a story in order to cover the actions needed or challenges faced.

Looking at the blog, it may make sense to have a review of the hosting, a review of WordPress, but the internet is full of those and they are all highlighting similar facts. This is why, for the blog, I will currently only keep my category with the story and the Blog Resources page as I aim to focus on the work that actually matters and avoid throwing myself all over the place.

I will be honest and state out load: I did not expect that blogging takes this much time.