How about flying round the world?

Round the world

The reason why I write this article is because I am an idiot and did not think it through multiple years earlier. With a conversion rate of 1 EUR to 1 Mile, by now I would have had the miles that I and my family would have needed to fly around the world via the Miles and More program.

Since 2018, there is a VISA Infinite card at Unicredit in my home town that has miles and more benefits. Today I finally decided to apply for it.

Why am I applying now for a credit card?

I avoid this up until now, but as long as I pay it every month I do not see the issue. Today, my wife and I spend from each other’s card constantly and as we do it for the debit cards, we can do the exact same for the credit card.

This came to me when I looked at the point’s website and I noticed that you need 335,000 points for one person to go around the world at business class. This is a lot, but there might be some items that help me get slightly more miles along the way.

The 10 year plan to go around the world

The math is simple, let’s say 60,000 per year, and times 10 years should lead to 600,000. Factor in some unknowns and other expenses and it would be 700,000 miles ready for the trade if the company is still operating at that time.

Most likely for the kid I will have to pay, but even if we buy economy and free upgrade for all 3 of us, the route around the world would be easier and more pleasant. The idea now is to find a way to do the same for the hotel and use a single hotel chain, in the same manner as I want to use a single airline chain to do this.

What will be the route

Looking at how things go, the tickets are for one year, but most likely we will not be able to travel through the whole year. The idea would be to travel at optimum time, go east and only use direct flights and stay in the same hotel chain the bitcoin tumbler. When computing all this, I tried to make an itinerary, but failed miserably after wasting two hours.

My main issue with the route is that I want to go everywhere, I need a way from Europe to Cape Town, and then to Singapore and through Australia and New Zealand, and then back to Bangkok and Tokyo… And we have not yet reached America.

Most likely I will need two runs of this, and use the points from one to fuel the second. Who knows what will happen and if I will be able to travel with my family this far. Maybe once east and the second one west.