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All below links refer to and only to affiliate programs I am in and that I consider key blog, weight loss or passive income resources. I use or used each of them and sincerely recommend you try the ones that suit your needs out. My specific articles where I use these listed blog resources are listed in the Blog category – The whole story.

The reason why I am not listing everything that I am in is because I am planning to use this page for passive income via affiliate marketing and give you a hint of possible affiliate programs you can also join. Most of them either relate to website/blog creation with associated search engine optimization, design and other useful platforms. This does not mean that my passive income or weight loss affiliate programs are not listed here.

I will update this with additional blog, passive income and weight loss related resources as time passes and I require them. For now it is short and simple, but I am planning to list all my affiliate links here as I start to build them.

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bluehostWPX hosting


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Passive Income Resources

MintosCrowdestate EU reviewRevolut

Weight Loss Resources


One day I hope that these affiliate programs will help me with a sustainable passive income, but until then I really hope that these platforms will help you in your endeavors.