Aug 19 Portfolio update

Aug 19 portfolio update

This is my second portfolio update and I have fewer things to state than in my May 19 portfolio update. You can check below my Aug 19 Portfolio update or find the latest view by checking my portfolio and if you want to see how things went on a month by month you can find the details in my monthly statistics.

I have kept my emergency fund untouched and in EUR as I mentioned in the past, but as this is no longer kept in a deposit I loose a bit on inflation, but a insignificant amount. 

Both Mintos and Crowdestate investments are moving in their same constant pace, but I had a slight downfall on my stocks & ETFs investments. The downfall was due to some tariffs talks between US and China, but as an overall I am still at a plus and I am not expecting that this will hurt me that much as I go long.

My opportunity fund is now tracked as cash in my portfolio and calculated together with my stocks and ETFs. The plan for the next investment is to wait for more tariff talks and try to buy some ETFs at a lower price than they are now. I have 5 order ready and plan transitioning my cash if the price is right.

Interactive Brokers order

There was not that much to say for my Aug 19 portfolio update, but I hope that my story helps inspire you to take action on your passive income goals.